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    The Product Page V4 was designed specifically to showcase the product image in the center of the screen. As such, there's a float-right value for the description area. 

    In your case, a possible solution would be to add a margin-right to the page of, let's say 5%. You can do that by adding the following code to the wp_custom.less file:

    .theme-pearl.product-page-v4 .product-info-main.product_v4.pp-floating-v4 {

    margin-right: 5%


    This'll keep the info area closer to the product image, which should help on high resolution screens. Keep in mind that this would add the margin value to all resolutions, though, so if you need to limit that to certain screen sizes only, you'd need to use media queries. For more info about customizations, you can take a look at our article here:



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