Compatibility with all other themes?


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    We appreciate the interest! While we're not able to guarantee compatibility with 3rd party software (modules, themes, custom code, etc), our extensions come with high-quality code that respects Magento's Best Practices. As such, if you're using our products in conjunction with others that feature the same benefits, the risk of compatibility issues should be relatively low. 

    For projects with custom themes, we do wholeheartedly recommend our Stack Framework extension bundle. It's a highly modular solution, meaning that most of the extensions it comes with can be disabled if not needed, or if you have a different module/functionality that fulfills the same role on the website. You can find more details about the Stack Framework here:

    Apart from this, we release regular product updates that are free of charge, and we align the products for compatibility with the latest Magento releases about a week or two after the official release. Thus, Magento compatibility with the latest releases will never be an issue. 

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