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    The error you're receiving actually shows the cause of the issue you're facing. It seems that the environment you're using the Professional Pack license on already had a Pearl Theme Startup Pack installed. Each Pearl Theme Pack is a different product and has a different license type. As such, a license key attributed to a Pearl Theme Professional Pack will not work on a Pearl Theme Startup Pack. 

    When upgrading from the Startup or Essential versions to the Professional version, you need to make sure that all the previous theme files have been removed from the server, so as to avoid the merging of files and issues associated with this. This article describes the upgrade process step-by-step, which can be used both for updating the Pearl Theme to a new version, as well as upgrading from the Startup/Essential Pack to the Professional Pack: How can I update/upgrade the Pearl Theme to a new version?

    Assuring you follow all the steps in this article will, in turn, assure the correct files are uploaded to the server and that the Magento instance will ask for the correct license key.

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