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    Very good question!

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce extension is compatible with Magento Checkout.

    If a Custom Checkout (OPC or other extension) is using the Magento 2 API calls the data should be pushed correctly. 

    If the custom checkout customized the way API calls are handled, the extensions will need compatibility adjustments with the new checkout flow. In most cases only he checkout steps are affected, the rest of the extension functionality as well as the success page purchase should work ok.  

    In conclusion, each custom checkout solution needs to be tested to be certain 100%. 


    We suggest adding a feature request for your OPC solution at the link below, we'll review the most used one(s) and consider an out of the box compatibility for a future release.

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    I have same problem

    I have one page checkout for my Magento site

    And I bought Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce extension but I can't see any Ecommerce data in Google Analytics.

    When I go to the Ecommerce setting section, I can find the Checkout Labelling was set like "Checkout".

    But I think that I should put several funnels for it.

    I have no idea how to get the funnel step names for my one page checkout.

    I've searched and can find some helpful articles but I am not sure about it.

    In this url, you can see that he(article writer) can get funnel names by using But I've test my site with GTM preview mode, I can't find

    In this url, you can see that he(article writer) change the app/design/frontend/[package]/[yourtemplate]/template/checkout/onepage.phtml

    But in my opinion, it can break down my checkout page.

    And PLUS, these 2 urls are related to the Goal funnel settings in GA. So I'd like to know whether the Goal funnel settings are same to Checkout funnel settings.


    So my point is how to get funnel names of my one page checkout in order to set the Checkout Labelling in GA.



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