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    Happy to follow-up on this topic. I can confirm we also support IE11 and Edge. 

    With each release we constantly add small fixes reported by users even for IE11 or Edge. We have a growing community of merchants using Pearl that constantly reach out to us with valuable feedback. Usually once a month we release a new theme version, for reference here is the change log: 

    If you are using latest theme release and still experience issues on IE11, just let us know the steps to replicate the problem and our dev team will look into it. 

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    Tyler Herwig

    Thanks for the reply.


    We are currently on v.1.8.1, so we do not have the latest version that was released in January. Were their improvements made for IE11 in this version? I see "Infinite Scroll was disabled - compatibility fixes."


    This may be in relation to the "choppy" experience in IE11?


    As for the "Add to Cart" issue. I have now experienced this as well on my work computer just now. The following versions of IE11 all seem to be affected by this.

    • 11.785.16299.0
    • 11.0.9600.19236

    • 11.472.17134.0 (my version)

    Clicking "Add to Cart" just causes the screen to flash and nothing happens. However, Add to Cart has worked for me before so this is seemingly not every time. The AJAX cart does not seem to pop out though.

    I do notice all pages in IE are displaying the following warning in console:

    ie_meta_compatibility_header_missing {"message":"Drop tag: <meta http-equiv=\"X-UA-Compatible\" content=\"IE=edge\">","timestamp":1550246442075,"windowID":"46f14beda1","pageID":"896f9922b4","prev_corr_ids":""}


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