What's the difference between weltpixel:css:generate and setup:static-content:deploy?


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    Joe Shelton

    Dan from WeltPixel answered:

    The weltpixel:css:generate command is specific to the LESS/CSS generation process for the core theme modules I mentioned in my previous reply.
    -Design Elements
    -Frontend Options
    -Product Page
    -Category Page
    -Custom Header
    -Custom Footer
    The LESS/CSS generation commands have no impact on the Magento Static Content, which the setup:static-content:deploy command handles. The LESS/CSS generation commands are optional for deployment scripts, for example, as the LESS/CSS generation can simply be run from the Magento Admin Cache Management section after the deployment is complete. It's simply advised you add them to your deployment process to save time. The LESS/CSS generation commands should be run after the Static Content Deployment:
    1. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    2. php bin/magento weltpixel:less:generate
    3. php bin/magento weltpixel:css:generate --store=all
    The LESS/CSS regeneration process (either via the Magento Admin or via the Command Line) also needs to be run in developer mode, if Magento Admin option changes are made to any of the modules in the list above for the changes to be reflected on the frontend. 
    I hope that further clarifies this for you! Let me know if there are any other questions.
    All the best, 
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