How to fix PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Warning [SOLVED]




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    Hi Welt... Your solution of creating a blank CMS page... only gets rid of the warning from PayPal by giving a fake "ok" It doesn't solve the root issue. We need IPN to work fully. We had it working fine before we updated to Magento 2.2

    Please if anyone knows the real fix can you let me know at: ? thanks! We are despite to get IPN working properly again.

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    If only using IPN with Magento, you should not experience any issues. Check if IPN was not disabled in your PayPal account, sometimes after a number of warnings it is automatically disabled. 

    The blank page is necessary when you are selling on multiple channels via PayPal. Whenever you are selling via a 3rd party channel, Magento vill be notified via IPN leading to warnings as the sale was not done via Magento store. For this reason PayPal dev team recommended us solution from the article.

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