setup:di:compile error



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    Rune Christensen

    We also get this now, anyone know how to fix?

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    It's been 3 months so I imagine OP resolved this. However, it may be useful to someone else.

    Had this issue when I attempted to put a 2.3.2 site into production mode which had WeltPixel Banner Slider.

    Thankfully, I got there in the end.

    1. Remove the app/code/WeltPixel folder

    2. Download the latest version (in my case it was 1.9.2)

    3. Re-upload the zipped file contents (make sure to include the composer.json, for whatever reason I missed that!)

    4. Re-do compilation, or whatever you need to do.

    I was still getting the above error, despite upgrading the plugin. This is why step 1 is key, as it'll still error if ImageBuilder.php is still present. They removed some files from the extension, so removing and re-uploading (as opposed to overwriting) is the way to do this.

    Hope this helps. :-)

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