Can scroll on mobile, if my finger is on OWL carousel



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    Hey guys, thanks for reporting this! We're indeed aware this was an issue in the 1.10.5 release of the theme and the Owl Carousel module. This was fixed in the latest 1.10.7 release of Pearl and the standalone extension, so make sure you download the new version from under your account and upgrade to that to benefit from the fix!

    If you're using the Pearl Theme, check out this article for details on how to update: How to update/upgrade the Pearl Theme to the latest version?

    If you're using the standalone Owl Carousel Slider extension, you can find the steps for upgrading in the documentation and on the Product Page.

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    Pan 1234
    .owl-carousel {
    touch-action: pan-y !important;
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    Javier Enciso

    perfect solution! Why is this disabled??

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