Sidebar with the filter function in dropdown mode on category page



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    I'm not sure I completely understand your question but I'll try to provide details about the category filter functionality. If you feel the question was not answered just follow-up again with more details.

    By default, if category visibility is enabled in layered navigation, it should look like in the picture below. When filtering after a specific level 2 category, the products will load with ajax from the selected sub-category. Basically this is the default magento functionality improved with Ajax filtering instead of page reload. 

    By default, Category attribute is Text field, and not Dropdown - this is not a Layered Navigation limitation but how category filter works in magento. Our extension at the moment does not extend this for the Category Filter, only for the rest of the attributes assigned to products. 


    Our Layered Navigation that is part of the Pearl Theme Pack is following the same Magento architecture as the default Magento Layered Navigation so if your customisations/configurations work with Luma theme should also work with Pearl theme. 

    Try disabling the Layered Navigation module from Pearl Theme for testing purpose and see if you still experience any limitations. If yes, you should continue looking on the catalog configuration/customization as the limitation is coming from there.



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