New to Welt Pixel - INstall and DEsign questions



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    Appreciate your interest in Pearl Theme, indeed we can conform the provided example is powered by Pearl. 

    We are happy to punctually address your questions below.

    1) Several frontend customizations were implemented in provided example. Here is a detailed article on how you can customize Pearl Theme and achieve a similar result. 

    2) Since you are familiar with Magento development, by following above detailed article on customisations you should be able to make the necessary adjustments. 

    3) Yes, it's pages are built based on CSS and HTML. The rectangle link you refer to is a custom CMS block that you can add using magento native functionality. Here is a short article that can guide you on how to add custom CMS blocks in various sections of the store. 

    4) Brands slider is already part of the theme, you only need to add it to your homepage or in any section of your store. Add images and links to each brand banner. You can check the functionality at the bottom of this page on our demo store: 

    5) Review section looks to be powered by a 3rd party extension.

    6) You already have 700+ admin options that you can combine to achieve desired result. In case of any limitations, HTML / CSS knowledge is required in order to extend or further customize the theme design. 

    7) Pearl Theme does not include a video database, but you can look for similar services os the web and choose the media content that fits your business needs. 

    Also, as an inspirational example for your audio devices niche, here is another known merchant that is using Pearl to run their online business 

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    Can you explain how to get the links in the top header ad in ? 
    i can se its done by an static block, but how and where to put that?

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