I purchased Pearl Responsive Theme via Magento Marketplace and I can't install it, can you help?




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    James Tann

    I cant see the 3 tabs you mention in this post. Have Magento updated their site to no longer have them? All I see is one list of purchased items here which is a mix of extensions and themes, but not the required packages


    I also looked in this url and all over the site, but no luck. 



    Any advice is really welcome. 


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    Support Tier 2

    Hi Jim,

    Indeed, the marketplace updated their store recently and our latest theme release v1.5.3 (September 20, 2017) is still in QA review.

    Once it is approved, this installation guide can be used for installing the theme from Magento Marketplace:



    In the mean time, best approach is to create a customer account on weltpixel.com (please also fill in the address), open a ticket with our support, and provide Magento Marketplace Name, Order Number and Purchase Date. This way we'll add the latest release of the product to your weltpixel.com account and you do not have to wait until the marketplace approves latest release.

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